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The boffins at Pouf Daddy have been scratching their heads to come up with the perfect complimentary lounging product to our wonderful bean bags.  If Pouf Daddy flexible furniture is the ultimate in luxurious lounging on the ground then the Chill-Chair has to be its counterpart hanging from a favourite tree, patio, veranda - hey anywhere you like.

So why reinvent the wheel when the wheel is staring you straight in the face.  We have teamed up with the purveyors of what is without question the best collection of 'hanging' furniture there is.  Made in a village in India, where the entire village weaves from classic wooden looms, the finest and highest thread count money can buy to result in a product that is  a 100% natural cotton shroud is hung on wooden spreader bars that are sourced from sustainable forested rubber trees, also grown in India. 

We are talking hand woven at a machine prices these hammocks and chairs are simply the best quality you can buy, put next to a machine made product and the quality of these jumps out...don't be fooled, there are a lot of copies out there.

So while you feel so totally self indulgent, you can lounge in the full knowledge that you are also doing your bit for both the village and the environment.   

These sensational handmade swings are currently adorning the verandas and terraces in Ibiza  and are set to be this year’s must-have furniture for gardens and conservatories in the UK. Aptly named, once you sit down you won’t want to stand up again. Whilst most swing chairs are made with solid wooden bases and sides the Chill-Chair uses natural cotton suspended from a frame making it more sling than swing. They are described as hammock chairs and are sold alongside a range of luxury hammocks that are designed to look fabulous whilst being comfortable and supportive.