Top 10 tips to the perfect party

The Pouf Daddy founders are no strangers to organising a party, having run both an events company and night club, you could say organising the perfect event is second nature.  But don’t just listen to them, hear it from Velvet Living and Velvet Entertainment our event partners, not only masters in the art of event production, but also one of the leading suppliers of high-end furniture, and of course our fantastic Pouf Daddy products.

Velvet Living offers stylish contemporary furniture and decor options for hire for special events – such as Private Parties, Weddings, VIP events, and Corporate Events. They have an extensive and exclusive range of modular furniture as well as specially sourced pieces available on request. Add to that expert consultancy, styling and planning services as well as providing the finest live entertainment for a wide cross section of clients for over 15 years. Velvet Living together with Velvet Entertainment can create pop-up perfection for any event you have in mind!




Their top ten tips:

  1. The guestlist – Your attendees are the most important ingredient of any party.
  2. The planning – With a detailed plan and timing of the evening you can relax and enjoy.
  3. The invitation – Gives your guests that ever so important first impression and builds their anticipation to the big day.
  4. The venue – The shape, size and style of your venue determines how your guests feel and interact with each other.
  5. The entertainment – This element can really bring your guests together and create a playful and memorable atmosphere.
  6. The catering – Good food and drink is the key to most people’s hearts and can easily be something people talk about long after the party.
  7. The décor and furniture – The little touches create big impact. The secret is in the detail. Have a chill out area with Pouf Daddy bean bags
  8. The staffing – Topped up glasses by happy staff goes along way and makes everyone feel good.
  9. The vibe – is the sum of all these ingredients that create a memorable and lasting impression with guests.
  10. The photography – Capturing all the moments and being able to share images afterwards with your guests is a great way to relive all the fun.