Pouf Daddy TV appearance

It’s been 3 months since Pouf Daddy burst on the scenes in Mallorca with a range of flexible furniture (designer bean bags to you!) launched by islanders Steve Crompton and Ben Sowton. Over the last few weeks the guys behind the business have been busy with the launch of the UK site and basking in the glory of an extended TV appearance on Channel 4’s Posh Pawn last Wednesday. “We filmed the show back in May when we had the launch party at Mood” says Steve.

“I was slightly worried how we would come across but it could not have been better – basically a 10 minute plug for the new brand on UK TV!” For those unlucky enough to miss the show, Pouf Daddy is a brand of designer bean bags taking the concept of luxurious lounging to the next level. “The concept of flexible furniture is simple” says Ben. “From the range of fabrics and colours to usage – from swimming pool to sitting room we have all angles covered. In fact our biggest seller since we launched 7 days ago in the UK is our dog beds, although it may be auspicious timing with National Dog Week! We have had over 10 orders for those in the last 3 days.” Pouf Daddy is getting ready for the Christmas and winter period, no surprise that this is the biggest selling period for this type of product. We asked what the next steps were for the brand. “It’s a product you just have to feel” says Steve “We have great imagery and people have positive feelings for the faithful bean bag but it’s not until you have sat on one, especially The Jubbly, that you really understand the product and how fantastic it is.“ “Here in Mallorca especially people have a lot more space with terraces etc. and this product works so well so the plan is to get it in as many showrooms as we can ”

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