How to throw the ultimate BBQ

BBQ’ing come rain or shine is a staple of British summertime. If you can go an entire weekend without being plagued by the smell of your neighbours’ BBQ and being instantly jealous then you have had an easy escape. With the Summer Bank Holiday fast approaching, we thought it was time to show off our hosting prowess and discuss how to throw the ultimate BBQ.

Wet weather contingency

This is the UK, this is a necessity. Whether you have a gazebo to hide under, a big enough oven for an Indoor BBQ or are just planning on giving the Chief BBQ’er a big umbrella and shoving them in the garden while everyone huddles inside – a wet weather option is always a good idea. Its not ideal but it will be worth it for a big old burger and a pint at the end of it.





The first stage of preparation is unfortunately cleaning. No one will notice you have done it, the house will be a tip within approximately 0.3 seconds of your guests arriving and you will spend the entire next day re-doing it but it will make you feel like a top host so get it done – or delegate it to your loving family.

The next stage of preparation is food prep! You don’t want to be running around like a lunatic slicing cucumber and launching tomatoes into a bowl while your guests are hovering around awkwardly asking if they can help with anything. Get that salad chopped, buns sliced and meat marinated first thing in the morning and then breeze around the house enjoying your guests company instead of crying over your onions.

Bonus tip – get some old buckets or boxes, label them as plastic, glass and food, put them in a prominent position and let the post BBQ clean up do itself.


There will always be the one thing you need that you don’t have (it’s usually ice) so forward planning will be a life saver here. Adapt the Christmas song: “making a list, checking it twice, going to find out, that I forgot the ice.”

One way to really impress your guests is to go for something a little different to the usual hotdog, burger and chicken drumstick combo – Pinterest is fantastic place to find cool ideas, you can go simple with ‘halloumi wrapped bacon bites’ or go on-trend with ‘Baked BBQ Tofu Toast’ (vegan and gluten free). One of our favourite tried and tested BBQ recipes is slow cooker pulled pork – chuck it on top of a burger inside a brioche bun and all other burgers will pale in comparison. (That one is very much NOT vegan or gluten free)

Dont forget the staples –

  • Meat
  • Buns
  • Condiments
  • Salad that no one will eat
  • Coleslaw that will get left outside all day
  • Fruit to make a Pinterest worthy display
  • ICE
  • Onions
  • Soft drinks
  • Hard drinks 😉
  • 100 bags of crisps that people won’t notice they have eaten all of in 5 minutes flat
  • Cakes and snacks
  • More snacks

Bonus tip – Try out these walking tacos


The perfect playlist is very important for throwing the ultimate BBQ, it sets the tone and creates the atmosphere you are putting in all this effort for. Your playlist should be very dependant on your guests; if it’s a family BBQ, go for something a bit more pop and current so the children can have a dance party, if your having a more grown up gathering go for laid back chill. Personally – a very eclectic mix of Fleetwood Mac, Madonna, Britney Spears and Eminem works for any event, but most don’t agree on that one.

Bonus tip – Check out JJ Grey & Mofro, one of our favourites and not very well known, you won’t regret it.


Would you rather sit on a soggy camping chair covered in spiders or lounge back on a luxury piece of bean filled furniture? We know which one we would prefer. The ultimate BBQ deserves the ultimate comfort, luckily, every single piece of Pouf Daddy furniture could benefit your BBQ. The Daddy is great for sunbathing or for the children to play on, The Pouf makes a great footrest, The Guvnor is obviously reserved for the Chief BBQ’er and The Curve is where you can lay and let that food baby go down (and the best bit is you can wipe those ketchup marks off with a wet wipe). We take your comfort very seriously and have spent literally months on our backsides researching and developing the ultimate in squishability so that your BBQ can be the envy of all of your neighbours and as the outdoor range is waterproof – you can really show them how its done, come rain or shine.