How to hang your Hammock or Chill Chair


So you’ve taken delivery of your fantastic new hammock or chill chair (or both). The next step is to hang your wonderful new items securely so you don’t get any nasty surprises. We thought you might like this video clip of what not to do with your hammock. We also don’t recommend spreader bars as they are not safe, especially when using a hammock stand. The danger is when the flip, if you fall on the raised wood bar underneath this has the potential to cause serious back damage. Here are 2 top tips…If the Hammock has 2 or 3 cushions in it, this holds it out makes it comfortable and safe, and lay down diagonally so you use all the material.

The easy way to hang a hammock is with the use of a strong hook fitted into either a brick/concrete wall, a wooden beam, a ceiling joist, metal girder, a concrete ceiling or of course your favourite tree.

You can buy the correct hooks from Pouf Daddy or other hammock supplier or any good hardware shop should advise on the correct hook for the above. The hooks do not have to be the same height, using the chain you can move up the links to make any height work.for you. The hammock should form an arc, do not pull the hammock too tight to make the hammock flat. It is normal for your cotton hammock to stretch when first used. As it stretches you can adjust the height from the floor using the chain links .


With the the correct fitting the Chill-Chair hook can be fitted to a concrete ceiling

If you locate a wooden Joist beam running across your ceiling, then you can fit a strong wood hook into the beam ( take advice if you are not sure how to establish the centre of the joist. )

The obvious outside hanging points for the Chill-Chair would be wooden or metal beams above a terrace or a tree branch in the garden

We believe the ‘Palmera’ bracket shown BELOW provides the best solution to provide ideal hanging but without the requirement for an overhead hook in the ceiling . This only requires one hook in the vertical wall, no overhead hook is required . The Palmera also folds easily back against the wall when not in use . Or , packs into 4 pieces for easy storage . The Palmera works as well inside the house as outside the house on the terrace .

Wall fitting . Simple wall hook into Wood upright or concrete .

Many apartments these days have outside terraces which sadly are rarely used . It is so easy to find a way to hang a Chill-Chair with an accompanying bean bag for maximum leisure pleasure.


If you have the space but not the supports then we can supply free standing stands for you. Just email us ([email protected]) and we will send a price depending on where you live.