Hello Autumn

As much as we all love Summer – sunshine, ice cream and warm nights, there is something about Autumn that makes it special. There is a change in the air, the nights are drawing in and we can sit snugly in our houses without freezing our **** off or sweating our ***** off…..and the best bit is eating as much as we want, because we obviously need to build a winter layer of fat around our rock hard abs that we have been showing off all summer…..

As with each changing season, fashion changes as well. It’s goodbye to the bright, fun blindingly white colours of summer and hello to dark, moody tones that make us just want to wrap up under a duvet with a hot chocolate and watch the leaves fall from the trees. Autumn is the calm before the storm that is christmas and the perfect time for an interior refresh after the long hot summer Britain has had (we are still holding out hope for an indian summer though!)

With that in mind we had a look at some of fashion’s hottest trends for autumn 2018 and here’s what we found –


Modern Neutrals

House Beautiful predicts that this simple natural look will be a big hit this year, the focus on soft neutral colours and minimal styling creates a timeless look that can be dressed up with different accessories to suit each season or event.

Pouf Daddy Insert: Taupe is arguably our most popular colour and we think the simple yet distinctive shape of the Peardrop will complement this trend beautifully.

Jet Black

Monochrome fans will be all over this, its easy, classic and impossible to get wrong. You won’t have that problem where you buy a cushion and then get home to realise it is ever so slightly the wrong shade of blue…..

Pouf Daddy Insert: The simple, stark shapes of the monochrome trend means that there is an obvious choice here – The Daddy, Jet Black. A giant rectangle to stand out against the bare white walls and floors.

Bright Shapes

This one surprised us, we thought autumn was all about the dark tones but according to House Beautiful, we should be all over brights this year with ‘Bold Shades in different shapes’

Pouf Daddy Insert: Bold and Bright is what we do best so you will be bang on trend with a Chilli Red Jubbly here, the big triangle will look amazing mixed with geometric blues and yellows! 

Grey Forever

Another spin on modern neutrals, grey is not going away. Its been slowly sneaking in to interiors for a while now and to find a house without at least one room painted in 50 shades of grey is quite a rare occurance.

Pouf Daddy Insert: Silver Grey Ottoman, black tabletop. Job. Done.

Red Wine

Ooooh red wine on a cosy autumn night, burgundy, deep purples, velvety pinks – these colours all look fantastic when combined with burnt orange and navy. Personally, these moody shades are a favourite for autumn and make us forget about that sunshine we love so much.

Pouf Daddy Insert: There is nothing more ideal on a Friday evening than sitting back, putting your feet up on a Burgundy Pouf and sipping a glass (or bottle) of red wine.

Decorative Tableware

Make your house a showhome at all times (unless you have children, then we strongly DO NOT recommend) and have your dining table beautifully laid out at all times with sparklingly clean cutlery, beautiful slate placemats and some fancy pants plates and bowls….which will never, ever, on pain of death, be used by anyone!

Pouf Daddy Insert: Not usually our forte but our new beautiful handmade coco bowls, made from real coconuts are 100% vegan and organic and are the perfect piece to finish off your showhome table….also, you can use them to actually eat food, which is always a bonus for bowls….