Getting under the covers...fabrics explained by Pouf Daddy

Getting under the covers...fabrics explained by Pouf Daddy

Getting under the covers...fabrics explained by Pouf Daddy

There are natural fabrics; there are man-made fabrics all of which have inherent properties that make their choice practical depending on the purpose. In this article we don't delve into all of our fabrics, which include, faux leather, Sunbrella (acrylic), velvet and linen but compare the 2 big hitters in the market - nylon versus polyester.

At Pouf Daddy probably the biggest decision we have had to make is what fabric we choose for our main products.  Whilst natural fibres and skins are great they are not necessarily the most practical.  We have created a product that has to stand up to heavy use, be resistant to water, mildew, resistant against the effects of sun bleaching – be super comfortable – and at a price that us mere mortals can afford.

A great colour palette 

We therefore looked at the two main contenders – nylon based fabric or polyester based fabric.  Then within that we looked at the options available in terms of weight, resistance to abrasion, water resistance and UV protection.  Our choice is polyester fabric.  You will see the market for bean bags dominated between those that choose nylon and those that use polyester.

Polyester fabric isn’t as strong as nylon when you compare it against the currency – deniers’.  Now deniers don’t mean strength they are in fact referenced to weight.  A denier is a thread – based on the same size as a silk thread.  A 500D nylon is stronger than a 500D polyester – that’s because the nylon compound is stronger than polyester.  What we chose was a very high denier polyester 1680D which is a high density weave – giving the fabric a more natural finish.  Whilst the denier may not be the currency of strength it certainly adds to impact and abrasion resistance 


Polyester is extremely strong, it is wrinkle-resistant.  It doesn't stretch of shrink, and is a crisp, resilient fabric whether wet or dry.  Both nylon and polyester have relatively low moisture absorbency, though nylon's is lower.


Comfort wise, both nylon and polyester are light-weight, quick-drying and smooth. Polyester is less sweaty or clingy than nylon.  1680D Polyester because of its very high thread count gives off the feeling of a natural fibre and is flexible and comfortable.  


The fabric can be washed easily and is mildew-resistant. Can be dried on low heat but be careful as the fabric will be affected by heat and certain chemicals,

UV Resistance       

The difference between nylon and polyester is significant when it comes to the effects of the sun.  As our bags are designed to be used in the outdoors having a fabric that is highly resistant to the bleaching effects of the sun, polyester wins hands down.

Ben and Steve with our Comfortology Lab Assistants making tough decisions - for you


Our conclusions

It’s not just the type of fabric that matters it’s how it’s made, the original chemical processes, the way that it is weaved, the way it  is treated afterwards whether with Scotch Guard, Never Wet, Teflon, PVC coating you name it the processes are there.

Our product in the UK is firstly treated with Fire Retardant so we that we comply with the stringent Fire Safety Laws that exist in the UK.  Our 1680D material is PVC back coated to make it water resistant.  The fabric itself can and will get wet and absorb water but it won’t go through into the bag.  The benefit is that you can easily wipe clean the product with warm soapy water or with stubborn stains, get the Kercher out and jet wash (making sure you leave enough distance as water pressure can warp the weave of the fabric).  So bottom line is we made a choice and we think a pretty good one – we may not be the toughest material on the market but pound for pound – it is strong, mildew resistant, highly UV resistant, water resistant – and very comfortable.  Provided you treat your Pouf Daddy with respect, it will last a long time, leave it out in the rain and direct sun for long periods, then like anything, it’s not going to like you for it... Treat your Pouf Daddy well you then have a best friend for a long time!




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