We hear from the guys behind the Pouf Daddy brand....by Leena Sharma

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I catch up with the guys behind the latest in 'flexible furniture' and get the low down on how, why and what behind the Pouf Daddy brand 

  1. What was your inspiration for Pouf Daddy?

A shared passion for lounging in the sun whether on a boat or a beach club!  We love the sun and the outdoors and recognised there was no one in this market (bean bags) on the island (Mallorca) and soon realised that there was a big gap for a new brand with a broad offer of styles and designs of designer bean bags


  1. Why do you think it will be a success?

The brand is the key.  People love the name, it’s very memorable and cheeky.  The brand is all about fun with a touch of irreverence,  The product however we take seriously – whether it’s the bespoke marine range which we make on the island using Sunbrella fabric or the main outdoor range (also great for indoors too) which is made from high density polyester so really robust and comes in a great range of colours. 


  1. Where do you see the business in the future?

We need to establish the brand in The Balearics and the UK first and then we are looking for partners in other territories especially the US.  With the Europe-wide trademark in place we are aiming to roll out here first


  1. Describe Pouf Daddy in 5 !!

The ultimate in luxurious lounging


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