What we don’t know about bean bags, frankly, isn't worth a bean.

To say we’re obsessed would be an understatement. But it’s just as well, because here at Pouf Daddy, we take your comfort very seriously.

The clever boffins who work in our Comfortology Lab have literally spent months on their backsides researching, developing and creating a range of lounge bags that offer the ultimate in squishability.

We've focussed on every single detail, from sourcing the world’s finest materials through to calculating the amount of beans required to give your bot optimum comfort. Incidentally, it’s 76,567* if it ever comes up in conversation or a pub quiz.

As a result of all of our hard (and soft) work, we now have a range designed to fit your lifestyle, your budget and most importantly, your sweet tush. So lie back, chill out and remember, when it comes to flexible furniture with a serious slice of cool, we’re the daddy.

*May vary by bag!

The Floater

Perfect for pool side

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Pamper Your Pooch

Pouf Doggy

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Pouf Gallery


The Curve

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